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Nature and Weather in South East England

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Picture: A oak tree in winter. 

11 January 2021 The Nature Blog appeared on this page for eleven years, from 2010 to 2020, but is currently dormant. It may be revived in the future if there is sufficient interest (use the comment function at the bottom of the page if you want to register your support for this).

In the meantime, I recommend those keen to learn more about the natural delights around them on country walks in the south east of England to consult the monthly pages, which you can find in the blue button menu above. (Click on any month name to get a drop down menu with all the pages available for that month.) Each month has dedicated pages about wildflowers, trees and birdsong, weather and - in the spring and summer months - butterflies and insects. All of these are updated with new information and observations on a yearly basis.

For a brief tip on what you might see at any particular time of year, try the Week by Week page. From time to time - mainly in the spring and summer months - there are also photographs and nature updates on the @SWC_Nature Twitter page.

If you have been reading the blog over the years, thanks for your interest. Happy nature watching!

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