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Nature and Weather in South East England

Where to find wild flowers

A selection of the most spectacular wildflowers in the south east of England, when they appear, and which of our walks to find them on. For more detail about the flowers, trees, butterflies and birds to be seen at different times of the year, click the month buttons in the menu at the top of this page.
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BestFootForward said...

This website gets better and better. Not sure how long this section has been here - but it's really useful.

Peter C said...

About a year. Glad you find it useful. If there are any other flowers you think worth adding, do say

Anonymous said...

SWC Walk 60 is also good for cowslips and bluebells. In 2014 over the early May bank holiday the cowslips, bluebells and orchids were all out at the same time - bluebells and orchids on the slope down to Birling Gap and cowslips on the cliff path just east of Birling Gap.

Peter C said...

Thanks. I have incorporated your suggestions. I have assumed the orchids are Early Purple Orchids unless contradicted

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