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Nature and Weather in South East England


These pages are designed to inform country walkers in the south east of England about what is around them in the natural world throughout the year. They tell you exactly what flowers, fruits, berries, birds or butterflies you can expect to see in any particular month, and so will hopefully help you narrow your search when identifying something you do not know.

If you are new to nature spotting, there is a Beginner's Guide with tips on how to get started, and the Week by Week page gives you a tip for (nearly) each week of the year. The Where to find wild flowers page tells you which walks and what time of year is best for seeing some of the more spectacular displays, and Where to find butterflies outlines all the species that you can see on walks in the south east.

The monthly pages (see blue button menu above) then go into much more detail, and have a link at the top of each page to an online Flickr album with photographs of the key flowers, shrubs, trees, birds or butterflies mentioned.

Learning to identify flowers, trees or birdsong takes a bit of work, but it really is worth it. Once you know what you are looking at, every country walk becomes full of interest. Your eyes are opened to the amazing variety of life around you, and you become much more atuned to the changing seasons.

There is also a Weather section, a whimsical attempt to reduce the unpredictable English weather to some kind of pattern. Within that, you can find a month by month account of what to expect along with a record of the weather in past years.

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